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Jacinta is scary - and seems unable to think of me as a non-Garou )

Regrets )

Maybe its just time for me to move on? I really enjoyed my time in the Umbra. It is so much more of a home than the Realm some days... But no, not quite. I have things to accomplish first and kids that are still dependant on me. Time to smile and laugh loud enough to push aside everything else. Time to go hunting and pick off a few Buzzards.
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Finding out what I can about Beth. )

God, Jacinta looks a lot scarier than she did year ago. It's all the burns. )

Following up on the Sniper )

Talked with Naomi a bit today. She was info-digging, or I'm a two headed chicken. Wanted to know if it was normal for me to help with police investigations. Tried hinting that I did occasionally, in an unofficial capacity. Other than that, she boggled at how much I can eat... Then made the assumption that I was pregnant with Nick's kid. I think my brain broke.

And, OH! Brad got me glittery towels, for when I visit his place. What with all the rain we get, I usually show up all damp from flying in the rain. Glitter!

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