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Talking with Ky and Slug )

Talking to Slug about Silvertip )

On the way back home, I stopped at Nick’s cabin(he wasn't back yet) and left him a note, letting him know I’d located something of Eddy’s and to let me know if I could be of any help. Damn. My plate just seems to be getting more and more full. Damn. And I’m still waiting for that robin’s egg to hatch.

In the morning, I retrieved up the dart from Noki's care and asked him to let Ila know that Nick was alright and he'd back in St. Claire soon (Man, I love that Fetish in the Harbor Park Umbra). I called up Quin and met him at his lab. Handed over the dart from Slug and asked him to poke at it for me. Brought over some pizza and pop, just to make certain the silly Kinsman remembered to eat. We talked for a bit and while I was there, Brad showed up. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there were things I had to attend too. :(
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Apologizing to the Fox. )

Patching up Charley - And Seriously, Pigeons? )

All that aside Nick, Salem, and I are all set to go to Idaho as soon as the moon gets big enough. Riley and I need to heads down to Vancouver, Washington, for a few days. Lefty and Maddie have been pointed at Battleground, and finally, Samantha and Ky are gonna check out that shell company that was being used to receive medical supplies. 
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Chatting, working on my PI License, and maintaining my contacts. )

Taking some time off. )

Pigeon go boom! )

Speaking of keeping in touch with contacts... )

Somewhere in all of that, I dragged the tiger off in to the woods and she got to meet Silvertip.  All in all, I think the meeting went rather well. 

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Breathing again and getting a call from Thomas )

Message from Kaz and going to check out a body. )

Making some calls. )

Meeting Danny and Nik seems to be missing. )

Damn, that Bramblefruit was neat. I wonder what would happen with the fruit I picked up from the Spirit World?

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