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So, Slug sat there and started repeated a phone number at my Ooze sample, Or writing it down on a paper in front of it. I mean, the stuff wiggled occasionally, but it always does that. And then, low and behold, the burner phone the number belonged too went off and Slug was having a conversation with someone connected to the Ooze! Fairly certain it is the same Mage-Guy that Nick talked too before. Regardless, as soon as the conversation was over, I used Mimic to repeat it into a recorder, before I could forget any of the details.

Convo Recorded with the Aid of Mimic )
Okay. Okay. I think I got all of that. Man, I'm tired and my head hurts. Gonna. Gonna go lay down. 

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Been 'playing' with the Ooze some, for lack of a better word. Trying to see if it is sensitive to anything, or has any strange reactions to stuff. 

Fire: Makes it more active.
Cold: Moves around a bit, but nothing too dramatic. 
Acid: Ate some of it. Wiggled. 
Base: Nothing.

So, that was a bit of a bust. Not that I was expecting much, but I was hoping for something. Next thing I did was play with some blood samples. Whee. Thank god for cameras. Was able to set these experiments up, set the camera rolling, then view the results in time-lapse later on.

First off, I played with my own blood. Since I'm having /issues/, since returning from Last Days. Seem to be suffering from an Ooze-related infection, which I've been assuming is similar in nature to what others have gone through. Put some blood in the same container as the Ooze. Ooze sat there for awhile, but it eventually wandered over to the blood and absorbed some of it. Nothing too dramatic. Did note that not all of it was 'consumed'.

Repeated the experiment with Slug's Blood next. Close to what happened with mine, although I noted that all the blood was consumed. Even if it took hours upon hours too happen. 

Pulled off one more blood experiment, this time with Ghost's blood. The Ooze ignored Ghost's blood completely. Interesting. Certainly ties her in with this stuff all the more. Puts me in mind of the mechanical heart that Ooze-hound had... 

The Ooze, unsurprisingly, will consume living beings and turn them into Ooze creatures in a violent manner. Very... Distressing. 

Ghost's blood is clearly toxic in some way, leading to lethargy and death in the subject. 

Feel utterly shitty now. Really shitty. Need to try directly adding Ghost's blood to the Ooze, my blood, and Slug's. I'm not expecting anything to happen, but cutting corners never did anyone any good. Still, I'll do it later. Feel too shitty to bother with it right now.
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 Fuck. That was exhausting and I feel so fucking shitty. Been weeks now, since I scouted Last Days. Feeling so shitty. It's kinda like the time I ended up with a Nephandi ritual in my head. Only not quite so bad. I feel like utter crap, but I don't seem to be on the verge of loosing my marbles, the way I was last time. Not hearing voices. That's something. Still, it has being doing shit-all for my ability to focus. Anyway, finally managed to put together a report on that trip I took to last days and edit the video, so it wasn't hours upon hours long.

Scouting of Last Days
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It's been roughly a year since I was tumbledried by a flipping giant Wyld Spirit - which was completely my own fault. Since then, things have hardly been uneventful, what with the Dancers setting up shop in the GENOM tower and turning it into the Queens Tower. No sign of Nightmare having ventured into the city. No sickly looking ravens about, tainted roadkill, or the Bastard Buzzard trying to put a bullet through my skull. Doesn't mean that the asshole isn't out there, but he's keeping a low profile if he is. But yea, the shit going on in the Queens Tower is pretty fucked up and I can't get into it to snoop around. Tried a Moon Bridge at one point and ended up bouncing off a barrier and right off the Bridge. Flipping lucking that I made it back in one piece. Took a closer peek later on and yea, there is something protecting certain floors of that building and it has the feel of Mage-Magic too it. One advantage of having poked at Mages for so long, I can identify some of the 'flavours' of Magic that the mess with. One of the Walkers, Briari has arranged for a tour of the place and managed to get her hands on the original blue-prints for the building.  But yea, I compiled a bunch of notes ( ) on the place and posted them on my board. Hopefully, folks will have more luck than I have on the issue. 

As for the Black Ooze, the other issue, and not entirely separate from the Queens Tower... Yea. That is royally fucked up. Have a shitload of notes ( ) on it as well, all up for public consumption. Really hope that someone comes up with new ideas, because my cleverness well has been running dry. The way the stuff has erased the history of Hillard Memorial Hospital is just completely fucked up. And there is all that Ooze in the basement. I did manage to snag a sample, which is interesting - that stuff'll eat fucking everything. But yea, mostly interesting because I was able to make off with some. Not certain if that's due to the protection of having learned to shield my mind from invasion, or the use of Bridge Walker. One way or another, the last person who gave it a go wasn't able to take out an ooze sample. Having made that test run, I am slowly psyching myself up to scouting Last Days. If I can keep that Ooze outta my head and I can escape right quick with a Moon Bridge if the shit really hits the fan, I should be okay.

In non-work related stuff, I've been back and forth too my parent's place a lot and they came down to visit a couple of times. It has been nice to have more family time /and/ give my folks a bit of a break from Beth. She's family and our responsibility, but caring for her can be rather draining at times. On one visit up there, I took a quick hop across the boarder and pawned a gift that Jamethon had given me. It was a nice gesture on his part and the rock is very pretty, but a quartz crystal with a sizable vein of gold in it, is not something that I really wanna keep in my apartment. The brothers, being Kin and Kind, were happy enough to take it off my hands and sell it in their shop - although I suspect they under payed me for it by a bit. So be it. 

Haven't seen Riley around in an age and I suspect that Family business has drawn her off elsewhere. Nick has been AWOL as well of late, presumably doing Mage-Foo, but I did get a Text from him saying he's be back soon. Emma's likely thrilled. Been chatting with Slug a fair bit. Boy has a good head on his shoulders and I have picked his mind now and again, when some of the school work I've picked up on the side has me stumped. Philosophy, Physics, and history. Never too late to expand ones mind and long distance courses are the bomb. :) Slug has also proven to be a good guy just to yak at and shoot the shit with, if I wanna put aside all the 'we're all gonna die!' crap that we've been dealing with of late. Speaking of Gnawers, though, I think Justin has given up on me. Tried with the gentle hints that I wasn't interested in going out with him and ended up just having to flat up say no. He seemed a bit sulky afterwards, but I'm certain that he'll get over it. He may be my age physically, but he just doesn't strike me as being all that mature and, yea, no real interest in him. 

And speaking of my age, I'm filling out. I'm young woman now, instead of a girl on the verge of being one. I still have some filling out to do and some height to gain, but I am getting there. And, at the rate things are going, I may break five foot this time around! Woo-Hoo.

All that aside, spring is in the air. A time of re-birth and renewal. Been feeling a bit fidgity of late. As I told Slug at one point; I lost chains I didn't even know I had, when I lost twenty years... I'm starting to feel stagnant, I suppose. Maybe it is time for a bit of a change. 
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 Well, after a couple of weeks without any change, it looks like I'm stuck going through puberty again. Which isn't going to be all that bad, all things considered. Girls hit all those benchmarks a bit faster than boys, so I've got about a year, too two years, before I finish growing and filling out again. I can deal with this. Honestly, being fourteenish again isn't the biggest pain in the ass, it's the social fallout associated with it. Had to call up my police contacts and tell them that I was moving out of town. Pain in the ASS. 

So, there is that, and the fact that anything more complicated than a toaster seems to hate me these days. I get within a foot of anything reasonably technologically advanced and it stops working for me. Starts working again, as soon as I get out of range. No cell phone, television, or ATM for me. Hell, even some of the fancier cars have stalled when I've gotten too close to them. Be really weird, if I happened to walk through the electronics section in a Wal-Mart. Been getting around the phone issue by transferring my phone number to a land-line. Complete retro-phone. Seems to work just fine for me and the phone company has a service that'd read me text messages sent to the number. It is /weird/ and hardly convenient, but it works. 

On the legal-side of things, I've been working with Natalia, Kin to the Get of Fenris. She has been a Raven-Sent blessing. I'm so glad that I hired her on as a Manager. Makes my life so much easier. After she got over the initial shock of what had happened to me, she was more than willing to help. Most of what I got her to do was pretty simple, if time consuming. Had her get on the computer and make it look like I'd moved back in with my parents, a common enough thing to do these days. As far as the Government and my bank is concerned, I now live in Port Angles, Washington.  Had her move money around in my accounts, so I have less in my personal count and most of it is sitting in my Snakes and Lattes Business account. Now, if I need to make a credit card purchase in St. Claire, I can use the Business card,  instead of the one in my name. All neat and tidy.

As I can't use an ATM to pull money out of my account, Natalia has been doing that for me on a weekly bases and I have been paying for everything in cash. It's far from a perfect solution, but it works.

It is slightly unnerving that Natalia now has access to all my personal information, bank accounts, SIN number, passwords, and PI resources... Oh well. Not much that I can do about it and have some sort of income. So glad that Snakes and Lattes is doing well enough these days, that I don't have to worry about manning the counter. I can delegate everything to Natalie - Which is why I gave her a decent raise!
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Random Chatter ) 

Ever since I got back from the Dreaming, I've been having some issues. At first, I chalked it up to the Nephrandic dreams. And some of them probably were; the sensation of being watched, weird people watching me, and less than enthralling whispers that I could barely hear. They gave me the /creeps/ and while the shit-my-pants weir-stuff has faded, some stuff is still happening. Every now and again, I keep getting this odd sensation that I'm doing the same thing twice. Or, I'm catching sight of some guy that looks familiar, but I can't quite place him. When I go looking, he is gone. Weird. 
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After talking with Nicodemus, I went home, sat down and did some thinking.

Before I became committed to Summoning the Sands of Time spirit, I’d called on a number of my Corax contacts and asked them to use Omens and Signs. To try and give me some direction.

Looking for direction )

Looking back )

I know roughly where he is. I know what the house looks like. I will find him. A life will be lost. There will be completion, and an end.
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Nightmares and Youth )

Changing my appearance. Pretty colours. )
Hunting with the Uktena and that did not go as planned... )

I flew past Edgewood on my way back home, after that less than successful encounter with Little Silvertip. Nick was there, near that pond. I dropped in and we had a talk. I mentioned that I was having some cash-flow issues and Nick handed me a wad of cash out of his pocket. Hadn't been expecting that. It was very kind of him and I appreciated it. I let him know what had happened to me and roughly, what I'd learned. He's a good friend. Asked if I'd talked with Brad yet.

I really need to talk with Brad. Soon.
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Learning what I needed to learn and other things... My head hurts. )

I woke up, face-first in the sand. But, I’d made it back and I’d managed to get the info that I’d been looking for. My first clear memory when I woke up, was Cheese Doodle poking at me with her nose and when I rolled over, I was left to wonder what I was doing on a beach in Florida. Just a dream beach. Maybe one of my own. I grew up in Florida and I still miss the warmth, from time to time. Then Evac came over and started to slobber all over my face, which wasn't all that bad, until my stomach decided that being tumble-dried by a Wyld Spirit was not a good idea and I puked up everything in my guts. 

Noki didn't seem to be around anywhere, but that's alright. Otter Nonsense got me home, with some help from their Pack Totem, Araya. Never before, have I been so happy to see my own bed. 
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Thinking back on preperations and steeling my resolve. )

Heading in to the Dream and holy FUCK, what was THAT!?! )

Summoning the Sands of Time )

The spirit was constantly shifting, utterly terrifying, and blindingly fast. The Sands of Time shifted, flowed, rose higher, and finally became a tidal wave that crashed over me and sent me tumbling into oblivion. I never even got the chance to make my request, or tell the Spirit what I was willing to give it in return.
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Since Beth now lives in my old room, I laid claim to the couch. I’m small enough that I can usually sleep on a couch, without having my feet stick out over the edge. There have to be some advantages to being five-foot-nothing, right?

My sleep… was far from restful. The nightmares returned in force. Searching. Searching, but never finding, or catching glimpses of clues that eventually lead to dead ends, or half-answers. Again and again I failed. Leaving people to die, rot, or left unfound. I must, I must have whimpered or flailed about in my sleep, as my mom woke me up around two in the morning.

It’s disturbing that my first impulse was to find some paper and re-write my ‘notes,’ feeling that the answer to all my questions could be found if I’d look… If I’d just look that little bit closer.

I watched some mindless TV with my mom for about an hour and when I was ready to sleep again, mom used one of her own feathers and performed Captured Dreams. I was fortunate and the feeling of security that the Rite brings wasn’t false, as I had no more dreams that night.

In the morning, I was left with the real problem, in that I was still having nightmares. Even after being Cleansed. Not that mom’d been able to pick up any traces of Taint on me, or my notes. Corax are resistant to Taint, likely a blessing from Helios and Raven both. One purifies with fire, while the other? Well, Father is perfectly aware of the fact that his children like to stick their beaks into absolutely /everything/. XD

Beth just stopped eating her peanutbutter toast and is staring at me. Why the hell do I feel so threatened by her? It’s as if she is seeing things that she shouldn’t.

Taking time to 'heal' and recharge my batteries.  )

Twinkle-Toes needs a new obsession and my new book looks neat! )

I woke up to find Beth standing over me and staring at me. I nearly had a heart attack. Fuck. I came within a breath of hitting her and I think she realized that, as she just started to walk off, then plunked herself down in front of the TV.

I went back to the Glade Sunday Morning, along with my new books and a small waterproof case to keep them safe and dry. Twinkle-Toes want me to decorate his nails in Homid now. *groan* Freaking bloody peacock of a raven
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Prepping for a Family visit on Tuesday ) 

Oh jesus. Fuck. Could have sworn I just saw someone watching me, reflected in the Switchback’s siding.

Of course, when I looked behind me, no-one was there. I'd noticed the reflection, after looking up from packing away some things in the saddle bags, because I could have sworn I’d heard someone call me by my raven-name. Fuck. Maybe getting a super shiny silver bike wasn't the best idea after all, eh? God. Guy, girl? Couldn't tell, but they were creepy looking. Geeze.

collecting the dart from Quin )
My poor Motorcycle. :( )

Back home, out again, and filling mom in on the latest news. )

We burnt the notes with Helios’ fire. Mom cleansed the site and me, just to be on the safe side. We went back home. I showered again. Felt dirty. Eventually. We settled down to dinner. Dad always was a great cook.

Fuck. Why the hell does Beth keep looking at me like that?
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Returning home, a spoiled raven, and I've concluded that the answer to that question is 'NO'. )

Talking with Slug and getting creeped out. )

Holy fucking god, that was creepy. I picked it back up, pocketed it, waved a quick hello to Quoz(who’d just arrived), and took off as if the hounds of the Great Hunt were on my tail.

Called up my mom when I got home. She is not pleased. Wants to meet up with me tomorrow, midway between St. Claire and her place. Well, at least the weather is warmer now. Time to break out the switchback.

What? What was that? Uhh. Bartok isn't in that part of the apartment...
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I don't know what is chewing on Silvertip's mind, but something is and the damn Uktena isn't about to flat-out tell me what is wrong. Whatever it is, it is getting worse, not better. I was tempted to poke at the Uktena's dreams before and after Slug mentioned Nightmares... Well, if I can find the root of Silvertip's problems, maybe I can help her. Sunday night, I went too bed late, made myself comfortable, then mimicked the affects of Dreamspeak and sent my mind out in search of Little-Silvertip's dreams.

Invading Silvertip's dreams and finding more than I'd bargained for. )

I feel sick and mom is worried about me. )

Trying to write down what I'd seen )
I tried sleeping. Couldn't sleep. So, I got back up and dug out a bottle of vodka. Four shots and a half-hour later, I managed to find oblivion.
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I did not sleep well Sunday night, even with the aid of alcohol running through my system. I’m not certain when the nightmares started, but they didn’t stop once they got going. Dark corridors, filled with stale air and an oppressive feeling of decay. Footsteps scuffed into the dirt, but they never lead anywhere. I can’t find the exit. Nothing but the damp, the cold, the decay, and the sensation of tons of earth above my head. Small hints, signs, but never a pathway that will lead me out of the dark. Or, I’m searching for someone. Searching for help. I’m panicking, because people are dying and I can’t do anything about it. I’m too weak. Too frail. I know there are people that can help me. I know where there should be, but I can’t find them. I can’t find them. I’m searching through a book, flipping page after page as I search for the answer to a question that I can’t quite form in my mind, but it seems so very important…

“Stop fighting. Look closer. You’re almost there.”

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I woke up with a start, heart pounding, eyes straining in the dark for the voice that had breathed those words in to my ear. I’d have called on Eyes of the Eagle, but I just didn’t have the Gnosis for it. My reserves are too damn low. It makes me vulnerable. There was something in the dark with me, hiding in the corners, and the sky was only just beginning to lighten thanks to Helios. I panicked, threw off my bedsheets, shifted it to my raven form and scrambled outside via the cat-door I’d installed in the window above my bed.

I flew. Flew and kept on flying, until the sun was well up and I started to doubt what I’d ‘seen’.

It was well past noon when I returned to my apartment and poked my head inside. Bartok was there. He was pissed off, because I hadn't shared any breakfast with him.

Fuck. What the hell is wrong with me?
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Talking with Ky and Slug )

Talking to Slug about Silvertip )

On the way back home, I stopped at Nick’s cabin(he wasn't back yet) and left him a note, letting him know I’d located something of Eddy’s and to let me know if I could be of any help. Damn. My plate just seems to be getting more and more full. Damn. And I’m still waiting for that robin’s egg to hatch.

In the morning, I retrieved up the dart from Noki's care and asked him to let Ila know that Nick was alright and he'd back in St. Claire soon (Man, I love that Fetish in the Harbor Park Umbra). I called up Quin and met him at his lab. Handed over the dart from Slug and asked him to poke at it for me. Brought over some pizza and pop, just to make certain the silly Kinsman remembered to eat. We talked for a bit and while I was there, Brad showed up. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there were things I had to attend too. :(
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After seeing Captain America with Emma, which was good, but I’d hardly call it Zoe appropriate. I really hope that Emma isn’t planning to let the kid watch that movie. It seems a bit beyond her age range. Anyway, after getting back home from the movie, I found out that Slug had left me a package. By Bicycle courier of all things. It was a map of Wolfwoods with a series of trails, roads, etc, all mapped out and color-coded, basically outlining which trails and roads are more or less likely to be used by infiltrators.

What the hell?

Today, I got another call from Slug, letting me know that he was leaving me a drop-off on a rooftop in the middle of nowhere. Okay? I went and picked up the package, which was marked with a crudely drawn slug and some shinies. Anyway,  inside was a tranq dart type thing, wrapped in what looked like a faraday cage made out of whatever Slug could lay his hands on. Note inside said that the tranq might be tracked and made a point of telling me that it was ‘not from Slug.’ As in, no letting folks know where it came from. Okay? Why? Weird.

I dedicated the thing to myself and and fuck, it was far more Weavery than it should have been, without actually being Tainted.  Dedicating it sucked up more Gnosis than I’d planned on using during the Ritual. Fuck me. I’ve been trying to conserve Gnosis, damn it.

Once I had the thing Dedicated, I carried it over into the Umbra and left it in Nokivaris’ care. I’ll have to call up Quin, so he can look at it and determine exactly what is in the dart.
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Unpacking and discussions, followed by drinks and a movie.  )
No more LOLcat in my home. Peace has returned. Or, as peaceful as things ever get around here. 

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Got a call from Nick in the evening. The area code was way out there. Man, that man moved fast and far. He said that he had a few scares, but everything seems to be alright now and he'll be heading home soon. After he spends a few days out there getting some things done. Probably has a few Mage contacts in the area and wants to touch base with them. Warn them about the Technocracy in St. Claire. He said thankyou for clearing out his stuff and the fact that Ila would have found the books valuable, if the worst had happened. So, what is it about those books that gives them value in a Mages eyes? Must. Read. Books.

It's good to know that he is okay.

We talked about the Spooks some. Nick suggested sending them after Alice Jones, or finding something that belonged to Eddy and planting it in Worm's place. I'll talk with Ky and Slug, as they were poking at Eddy before things went tits up. Only problem with that, is that Worm knows my face and Thomas'. While letting two problems solve themselves is tempting, I'm a bit worried about Worm giving the Suits some info on me and the Fox. As for Alice? Well, she is a Spiral and having the Technocracy catch her could solve our problems. Could also lead to an all out war in Seattle. Technocracy, Vampires, and Spirals. Oh my. I don't know. We may end up with a nastier neighbour than the one we have right now - hard as that is to believe, if we follow that path. I'll try and track down Salem. See what he thinks.

Nick's phone crapped out on him. Could be busted. I'll have to give Emma a call and let her know that Nick is alright. Maybe she'll help me put all his books back. They're HEAVY.

Gaia. Can't wait to get that cat out of my home.

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