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Prepping for a Family visit on Tuesday ) 

Oh jesus. Fuck. Could have sworn I just saw someone watching me, reflected in the Switchback’s siding.

Of course, when I looked behind me, no-one was there. I'd noticed the reflection, after looking up from packing away some things in the saddle bags, because I could have sworn I’d heard someone call me by my raven-name. Fuck. Maybe getting a super shiny silver bike wasn't the best idea after all, eh? God. Guy, girl? Couldn't tell, but they were creepy looking. Geeze.

collecting the dart from Quin )
My poor Motorcycle. :( )

Back home, out again, and filling mom in on the latest news. )

We burnt the notes with Helios’ fire. Mom cleansed the site and me, just to be on the safe side. We went back home. I showered again. Felt dirty. Eventually. We settled down to dinner. Dad always was a great cook.

Fuck. Why the hell does Beth keep looking at me like that?
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Nick tries out his Bauble )

An important place, or simply a curiosity? )

I think I get it now. )

So, a Mage is kinda like a Magic Leech... )

I'm glad that Nick is a good guy and seems to have a really solid moral grounding. But, he still sucks power out of the Glades. He's just real careful not to take so much that he hurts them. And I understand why he could trade the popsicles now. That fruit was chock-full of Wyld-Magic and... I guess they can use items full of Magic as a sort of currency and...

Oh screw it. My head hurts. I'm going to have a drink and lay down. 

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