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Decided to adopt some baby birds. )

Feeding the Brood and pushy Get. )

Young Ravens are DISTRUCTIVE )

Planning a move )

Getting Yelled at )

Other than that, life hasn't been that exciting. Offered to teach Cheese Doodle a trick and got turned down. Charlene is gonna make some recordings and I'm gonna sell the CD at S&L. Chatted with some folks here and there. Nick hinted that some girl in a wheelchair was Kin or a fuzzy. Will have to look in to that at some point. Was kinda distracted at the time. Aaaaand, Nick is off to Seattle for a bit and wants me to catsit for him. Don't know what he is up too, but if he comes back shot again, I will be pissed. 
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Apologizing to the Fox. )

Patching up Charley - And Seriously, Pigeons? )

All that aside Nick, Salem, and I are all set to go to Idaho as soon as the moon gets big enough. Riley and I need to heads down to Vancouver, Washington, for a few days. Lefty and Maddie have been pointed at Battleground, and finally, Samantha and Ky are gonna check out that shell company that was being used to receive medical supplies. 
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Chatting, working on my PI License, and maintaining my contacts. )

Taking some time off. )

Pigeon go boom! )

Speaking of keeping in touch with contacts... )

Somewhere in all of that, I dragged the tiger off in to the woods and she got to meet Silvertip.  All in all, I think the meeting went rather well. 

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From New York to England )

Stiring up some Trouble in England )

From England to Japan )

Japan and the Beast Courts )

Back Home! Mages, Tigers, and wolves! Oh my! )

Getting to know the new Tiger a bit better.  )

Finally catching up with Nick )

Heard about the Lucient Witness. Need to play with that Bauble.

It's good to be back. I've missed just shooting the shit with Nicodemus. 

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Catching a quick drink with Danny. )

Talking with some Ravens )

Dropping off the Harley at the RV and giving Nick some papers. )

The Umbral pathways are open, a crow of shadow and storms leads the way and the stars are calling my name....
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Go away Mr. Fox.... )

Talking with Danny and giving the man a voice. )

Messing with Nick and filling him in on news. )

I don't know. I've got way too much time on my hands and I'm feeling oddly distant. Detached. Going to have to watch that.

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