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Some light reading and random thoughts )

Getting some info out of Naomi, finding out that she is skipping town, and no new Mage-Toy for me. )

Talking with Ila about books, Nick, her family, and Omens of things to come. )

Talking with Noki and having a message delivered )

Right now? Right now, I am watching Faster-Than-The-Cat and Bartok tease the ever living hell out of LOLcat. Been months since Faster came to visit and I can only assume that Bartok fetched her, for the sole purpose of tormenting Nick's cat. Ah hell. I'd better save the fuzzball before it has a nervous breakdown. Cat'll be safe enough in the bathroom, then I can take a break and get some reading done.

I hope that Nick is managing okay.
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So, a little while back, Thomas had that dust up with those Spirals in the warehouse that ended up in the news. Apparently he grabbed a Spiral Kin named Eddy, which attracted some nasties. I have some info from Thomas, on what he ran in too. There were three Spirals: One was wearing a skinned human and had a nasty Fetish. Thomas suspects that this one was a Theurge. Second Spiral was a massive Metis with horns. The third one was likely a Metis, as the fur was all messed up. (+bbread 11/223). After encountering some suits in Harbor Park (Naomi and Jeremiah were there as well), I decided to do some digging and I came up with some things...

Phone Calls and paying off my Police Contacts. )

Gift Learning and staying up waaaaaay to late )

Running in to Emma and speculation )

Filling in Nick and getting that Mage Knife back )

After dropping the Knife off at my apartment, I went to a pre-arranged meeting with Slug, where I gave him my notes on the Spooks. I owe him for the info he passed me a few weeks ago, so this should even the score. He asked to pick my brain and some point and if I was alright. Guess being drop-dead exhausted was showing on my face. Finally got to go to bed and get some sleep. Yay! Sleep...zzzzZZzzzz.
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 Gah. January has been busybusy. With lots of things happening, it all sort of blurs together after awhile!  Certain that I'm forgetting things, but here are the highlights!

A belated X-Mas gift should not be this much trouble. ) 

Mage Drama and telling Nick about a Glade. )

Nick and Emma. Huh! )

Naomi comes back to St. Claire and Nick is gonna get her wolf back. )

Other than all that, there is someone picking off restaurant managers. One was found missing his brains. Then there is that whole Robo-Roach thing going on. I took a peek at the toy store that is selling the kit and holy, it is not a place I'd want to visit. Probably end up calcified. I'm gonna let the wolves deal with /that/ problem. There was also that Fomor that spewed worms and went splat. All and all a really busy month!
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Jacinta is scary - and seems unable to think of me as a non-Garou )

Regrets )

Maybe its just time for me to move on? I really enjoyed my time in the Umbra. It is so much more of a home than the Realm some days... But no, not quite. I have things to accomplish first and kids that are still dependant on me. Time to smile and laugh loud enough to push aside everything else. Time to go hunting and pick off a few Buzzards.
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I know what Naomi is! )

Riley failed to chew my face off! )

Talking with Doodle and making frowny faces on the inside.  )

Sent Nick some Text messages to update him on recent events. Asked if he was back and if we could meet up and talk. Said he was meeting Mouse about something else. Wouldn't tell me what the 'something else' was.  Complicated he says. I get to be the Cat Delivery Bird. Bleagh. :(

Must resist the urge to introduce the cat to the 'Kids.'
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Touching base with Bullfrog and Nick )

Meeting up with Naomi and ahh fuck. )

So, here I am, tailing a probable Hunter. All by myself. Riley is gonna chew my face off for this. But, I have to know more! The Girl glows like a Magic Lightbulb. Spirit, Life, and Mind. She doesn't suffer from Delirium. What is her story?! I have to know! 
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Decided to adopt some baby birds. )

Feeding the Brood and pushy Get. )

Young Ravens are DISTRUCTIVE )

Planning a move )

Getting Yelled at )

Other than that, life hasn't been that exciting. Offered to teach Cheese Doodle a trick and got turned down. Charlene is gonna make some recordings and I'm gonna sell the CD at S&L. Chatted with some folks here and there. Nick hinted that some girl in a wheelchair was Kin or a fuzzy. Will have to look in to that at some point. Was kinda distracted at the time. Aaaaand, Nick is off to Seattle for a bit and wants me to catsit for him. Don't know what he is up too, but if he comes back shot again, I will be pissed. 
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Finding out what I can about Beth. )

God, Jacinta looks a lot scarier than she did year ago. It's all the burns. )

Following up on the Sniper )

Talked with Naomi a bit today. She was info-digging, or I'm a two headed chicken. Wanted to know if it was normal for me to help with police investigations. Tried hinting that I did occasionally, in an unofficial capacity. Other than that, she boggled at how much I can eat... Then made the assumption that I was pregnant with Nick's kid. I think my brain broke.

And, OH! Brad got me glittery towels, for when I visit his place. What with all the rain we get, I usually show up all damp from flying in the rain. Glitter!
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Running in to Naomi and offering to show her around Whispering Pines )

Talking with Nick about Naomi )

Checking in on the Walkers. )

Sue and talking about Alex - The cub, not the Fury. )

Hiring May )

Construction is coming along nicely on the Snakes and Lattes Cafe and some of the local Kin have started making use of the apartment on the upper floor. Cool.

Need to spend on time spying on those kids. See if that girl actually has a spray-can on her.

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