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Nightmares and Youth )

Changing my appearance. Pretty colours. )
Hunting with the Uktena and that did not go as planned... )

I flew past Edgewood on my way back home, after that less than successful encounter with Little Silvertip. Nick was there, near that pond. I dropped in and we had a talk. I mentioned that I was having some cash-flow issues and Nick handed me a wad of cash out of his pocket. Hadn't been expecting that. It was very kind of him and I appreciated it. I let him know what had happened to me and roughly, what I'd learned. He's a good friend. Asked if I'd talked with Brad yet.

I really need to talk with Brad. Soon.
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Got a call from Nick in the evening. The area code was way out there. Man, that man moved fast and far. He said that he had a few scares, but everything seems to be alright now and he'll be heading home soon. After he spends a few days out there getting some things done. Probably has a few Mage contacts in the area and wants to touch base with them. Warn them about the Technocracy in St. Claire. He said thankyou for clearing out his stuff and the fact that Ila would have found the books valuable, if the worst had happened. So, what is it about those books that gives them value in a Mages eyes? Must. Read. Books.

It's good to know that he is okay.

We talked about the Spooks some. Nick suggested sending them after Alice Jones, or finding something that belonged to Eddy and planting it in Worm's place. I'll talk with Ky and Slug, as they were poking at Eddy before things went tits up. Only problem with that, is that Worm knows my face and Thomas'. While letting two problems solve themselves is tempting, I'm a bit worried about Worm giving the Suits some info on me and the Fox. As for Alice? Well, she is a Spiral and having the Technocracy catch her could solve our problems. Could also lead to an all out war in Seattle. Technocracy, Vampires, and Spirals. Oh my. I don't know. We may end up with a nastier neighbour than the one we have right now - hard as that is to believe, if we follow that path. I'll try and track down Salem. See what he thinks.

Nick's phone crapped out on him. Could be busted. I'll have to give Emma a call and let her know that Nick is alright. Maybe she'll help me put all his books back. They're HEAVY.

Gaia. Can't wait to get that cat out of my home.
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So, a little while back, Thomas had that dust up with those Spirals in the warehouse that ended up in the news. Apparently he grabbed a Spiral Kin named Eddy, which attracted some nasties. I have some info from Thomas, on what he ran in too. There were three Spirals: One was wearing a skinned human and had a nasty Fetish. Thomas suspects that this one was a Theurge. Second Spiral was a massive Metis with horns. The third one was likely a Metis, as the fur was all messed up. (+bbread 11/223). After encountering some suits in Harbor Park (Naomi and Jeremiah were there as well), I decided to do some digging and I came up with some things...

Phone Calls and paying off my Police Contacts. )

Gift Learning and staying up waaaaaay to late )

Running in to Emma and speculation )

Filling in Nick and getting that Mage Knife back )

After dropping the Knife off at my apartment, I went to a pre-arranged meeting with Slug, where I gave him my notes on the Spooks. I owe him for the info he passed me a few weeks ago, so this should even the score. He asked to pick my brain and some point and if I was alright. Guess being drop-dead exhausted was showing on my face. Finally got to go to bed and get some sleep. Yay! Sleep...zzzzZZzzzz.
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A Call from Emma, followed by a visit from the Get and the Fox )

Phone calls, apologies, and more details. )

Checking in on the Fox and feeling Guilty )

Fuck. Those Spirals were clever. Spirals aren't /supposed/ to be clever. This /has/ to be the work of Nightmare up in Seattle. Thrice damned Gaia forsaken Buzzard. If it wasn't for Worm sending hitmen after me, I probably would have found the Spiral Kinsman and done something about him shooting my kids... Which would have ended, oh, so, fucking badly....

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So, I moved out to Denton Farm with Brad. Been keeping my head down and staying out of sight.

Well, aside from that one midnight trip out into the city to find Worm, meeting Slug out by Sunrise Road, and that one trip out to Edgewood. Okay, okay, so I haven’t exactly been behaving. But I’ve been TRYING! Fuck. I hate being so out of touch with what is going on!

Summoning the Sun and a Visitor )

Nick gets mentioned and I get pissed off. )

Cit News, Summoning, and returning a Tail )

Warning Ila that a Storm may be brewing and getting invited to meet the Family... )

I missed a visit from Quin, while I was off talking with Ila. He’d brought by some roadkill venison. Yum! The next morning, Brad and I talked some on the topic of me heading well out of town came up again, this time to the Dakotas. Honestly, that idea is sounding better and better. Camping with Brad, the girls and leaving my troubles behind has a certain siren's lure to it. Spent most of the day helping Brad butcher that roadkilled deer Quin had brought over. I’d never butchered a whole deer before. It was quite the process, but it was good to learn something new, and too keep busy.
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Flux Ream - Not an ideal vacation destination )

Nick and Mario Cart )

Chit-Chat and rabbits ).

And, I finally found a Kinfolk Manager for Snakes and Lattes, which will make my life a hell of a lot easier. Natalie of the Get of Fenris, who has a set of twins about Zoe's age. I should tell Emma about them.

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 Gah. January has been busybusy. With lots of things happening, it all sort of blurs together after awhile!  Certain that I'm forgetting things, but here are the highlights!

A belated X-Mas gift should not be this much trouble. ) 

Mage Drama and telling Nick about a Glade. )

Nick and Emma. Huh! )

Naomi comes back to St. Claire and Nick is gonna get her wolf back. )

Other than all that, there is someone picking off restaurant managers. One was found missing his brains. Then there is that whole Robo-Roach thing going on. I took a peek at the toy store that is selling the kit and holy, it is not a place I'd want to visit. Probably end up calcified. I'm gonna let the wolves deal with /that/ problem. There was also that Fomor that spewed worms and went splat. All and all a really busy month!
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Dead Mage's Gun, Mark #1. )

Dead Mage's Gun, Mark #2. )

Belated X-Mas Gifts )

New Years! Hello 2014. Spent New Years with Brad, same as last year. :D. 
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Christmas time with Family. :) )

Mage go splat! )

Talking with Ila and the promise to share contacts in the future. )

Left Nick a message, saying that he should come by, as I needed to talk with him. Great. Now I have to talk with him and the last time I saw him, he was snarling at me. :P
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Back home and still so much to do. ) 

That was not the welcome home I'd been hoping for... )

I did my job. I would never, ever, send someone in to a fight without good up to date info. )  

Was it worth even asking for help? No. Not this time. I need to be able to handle things on my own a bit more effectively. I'm going to take up target practice with a bolt action rifle and pick up knife fighting again.   
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Eyeballing the Humans that the Buzzards were all chummy with. )Eyeballing the Humans that the Buzzards were all chummy with. ) 

Trying to report in and shotgun to the FACE! )

Following the Fomori and calling in the troops. )

Paranoia Rising... ) 

Fomori Go Splat )

I managed to get to Mom and Dad's place okay.  Mom fixed me right up, while giving me an earful for letting the infestation get so bad in the first place. Eased off when I explained why, though. After a few days, I'd healed the worst of the damage and was feeling like myself again. No more worms and proper food. Woo-Hoo! Mom also promised to pass on word about that house I'd come across. Make certain that folks knew about it and checked it out, just encase it is still in use. When I was mostly healed up, I headed back to St. Claire. 

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Jacinta is scary - and seems unable to think of me as a non-Garou )

Regrets )

Maybe its just time for me to move on? I really enjoyed my time in the Umbra. It is so much more of a home than the Realm some days... But no, not quite. I have things to accomplish first and kids that are still dependant on me. Time to smile and laugh loud enough to push aside everything else. Time to go hunting and pick off a few Buzzards.
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Got invited out to Seattle to help gather info. )

Talking with dead Ravens is depressing... )

Sending the Dead back to Helios and Raven.  )

Infodumping and I'm usually a bit better at healing folks.  )

Started making phone calls when I got home. All Buzzards are potential Egg Thieves. Time to get some Corax together and take out the Buzzards in Spokane.  

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