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Learning what I needed to learn and other things... My head hurts. )

I woke up, face-first in the sand. But, I’d made it back and I’d managed to get the info that I’d been looking for. My first clear memory when I woke up, was Cheese Doodle poking at me with her nose and when I rolled over, I was left to wonder what I was doing on a beach in Florida. Just a dream beach. Maybe one of my own. I grew up in Florida and I still miss the warmth, from time to time. Then Evac came over and started to slobber all over my face, which wasn't all that bad, until my stomach decided that being tumble-dried by a Wyld Spirit was not a good idea and I puked up everything in my guts. 

Noki didn't seem to be around anywhere, but that's alright. Otter Nonsense got me home, with some help from their Pack Totem, Araya. Never before, have I been so happy to see my own bed. 
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Thinking back on preperations and steeling my resolve. )

Heading in to the Dream and holy FUCK, what was THAT!?! )

Summoning the Sands of Time )

The spirit was constantly shifting, utterly terrifying, and blindingly fast. The Sands of Time shifted, flowed, rose higher, and finally became a tidal wave that crashed over me and sent me tumbling into oblivion. I never even got the chance to make my request, or tell the Spirit what I was willing to give it in return.
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Got invited out to Seattle to help gather info. )

Talking with dead Ravens is depressing... )

Sending the Dead back to Helios and Raven.  )

Infodumping and I'm usually a bit better at healing folks.  )

Started making phone calls when I got home. All Buzzards are potential Egg Thieves. Time to get some Corax together and take out the Buzzards in Spokane.  
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I know what Naomi is! )

Riley failed to chew my face off! )

Talking with Doodle and making frowny faces on the inside.  )

Sent Nick some Text messages to update him on recent events. Asked if he was back and if we could meet up and talk. Said he was meeting Mouse about something else. Wouldn't tell me what the 'something else' was.  Complicated he says. I get to be the Cat Delivery Bird. Bleagh. :(

Must resist the urge to introduce the cat to the 'Kids.'
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Decided to adopt some baby birds. )

Feeding the Brood and pushy Get. )

Young Ravens are DISTRUCTIVE )

Planning a move )

Getting Yelled at )

Other than that, life hasn't been that exciting. Offered to teach Cheese Doodle a trick and got turned down. Charlene is gonna make some recordings and I'm gonna sell the CD at S&L. Chatted with some folks here and there. Nick hinted that some girl in a wheelchair was Kin or a fuzzy. Will have to look in to that at some point. Was kinda distracted at the time. Aaaaand, Nick is off to Seattle for a bit and wants me to catsit for him. Don't know what he is up too, but if he comes back shot again, I will be pissed. 
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Radio chatter. What do you mean a bear?!? )

Eventually, I got called in to the scene, once all the chaos had died down and the area had been roped off. Did what I could to plant the idea that the mess must be the result of gang warfare and that they were probably making use of trained attack dogs. Or something. God, what a mess. But, everything seems to be under control.