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 Gah. January has been busybusy. With lots of things happening, it all sort of blurs together after awhile!  Certain that I'm forgetting things, but here are the highlights!

A belated X-Mas gift should not be this much trouble. ) 

Mage Drama and telling Nick about a Glade. )

Nick and Emma. Huh! )

Naomi comes back to St. Claire and Nick is gonna get her wolf back. )

Other than all that, there is someone picking off restaurant managers. One was found missing his brains. Then there is that whole Robo-Roach thing going on. I took a peek at the toy store that is selling the kit and holy, it is not a place I'd want to visit. Probably end up calcified. I'm gonna let the wolves deal with /that/ problem. There was also that Fomor that spewed worms and went splat. All and all a really busy month!
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Running in to Naomi and offering to show her around Whispering Pines )

Talking with Nick about Naomi )

Checking in on the Walkers. )

Sue and talking about Alex - The cub, not the Fury. )

Hiring May )

Construction is coming along nicely on the Snakes and Lattes Cafe and some of the local Kin have started making use of the apartment on the upper floor. Cool.

Need to spend on time spying on those kids. See if that girl actually has a spray-can on her.
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Nick come back to town and no bullet holes this time! )

Flying in the rain. )

Mage Bauble. Neat! )

Collecting more Bramblefruit )

Pool Hall and the Fox does me a favor )

That's one BIG Jacob. )

That one day when I found Nick and Thomas chatting in the Pool Hall was a little odd. After Nick vacated to go deal with something, Thomas went and said that I act like I'm dating Nicodemus. I do?

Was dreaming about flying amid the stars last night. I really need to take Storm's-Shadow up on his offer and visit the Aetherial Realm at some point.

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