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Nightmares and Youth )

Changing my appearance. Pretty colours. )
Hunting with the Uktena and that did not go as planned... )

I flew past Edgewood on my way back home, after that less than successful encounter with Little Silvertip. Nick was there, near that pond. I dropped in and we had a talk. I mentioned that I was having some cash-flow issues and Nick handed me a wad of cash out of his pocket. Hadn't been expecting that. It was very kind of him and I appreciated it. I let him know what had happened to me and roughly, what I'd learned. He's a good friend. Asked if I'd talked with Brad yet.

I really need to talk with Brad. Soon.
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I don't know what is chewing on Silvertip's mind, but something is and the damn Uktena isn't about to flat-out tell me what is wrong. Whatever it is, it is getting worse, not better. I was tempted to poke at the Uktena's dreams before and after Slug mentioned Nightmares... Well, if I can find the root of Silvertip's problems, maybe I can help her. Sunday night, I went too bed late, made myself comfortable, then mimicked the affects of Dreamspeak and sent my mind out in search of Little-Silvertip's dreams.

Invading Silvertip's dreams and finding more than I'd bargained for. )

I feel sick and mom is worried about me. )

Trying to write down what I'd seen )
I tried sleeping. Couldn't sleep. So, I got back up and dug out a bottle of vodka. Four shots and a half-hour later, I managed to find oblivion.
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So, I was passing over Edgewood, when I noticed X and Emma talking. So, I stuck around and listened for a little bit. They were talking about Riley killing Finds-Death and Silvertip being kinda pissed off about this fast. Silvertip had cursed Riley, or something. Will have to ask the Uktena about that. Spoke up and told them I knew the story of Finds-Death and Riley, They were interested, so I filled them in. 

Basically, Finds-Death, who was a Red Talon, had been heading in to the city via the Umbra. Crossing over in to people's homes in Homid, then murdering them (and occasionally their pets) with whatever weapon happened to be handy. Kitchen knives, that sort of thing. Nick helped with figuring out what was going on (I left that part out) and I eventually asked a Cockroach Spirit, who told me it was a wolf with a red stripe doing the killing. Did some talking and asking around, which eventually lead to figuring out it was Finds-Death that was doing the killing. Went around and told people what was going on, because, well, she was killing people and the mundane cops were starting to notice.

As far as fallout was concerned, I knew that Silvertip had kicked Finds-Death out of her pack and that the Talon left the Sept. Riley went after her with Jack, but instead of letting one of the Philodox (AKA Jack, or someone else), Riley killed Finds-Death. Griffin took exception to this and months later, tossed Riley's ass in to WolfHome. Walker is damn lucky to have gotten out of that place. So many don't, according to the stories, Have seen hints of what WolfHome did to Riley - like that one time she got pissed off at Sue, so knocked over the Metis' motorcycle and pissed on it. That's a wolfish mindset if I've ever seen one. :)

Anyway. I gave them the basics of the story. About then, Silvertip showed up and Emma got snarly at the Uktena, for possibly laying a curse on Riley and uhh. Fuck. It degraded fast into a fucking Crinos pissing match. I got in to the air. Fast. Jesus. Neither of them were communicating well and the situation degraded fast. Thank Gaia it was a small moon. Emma wasn't backing down and Silvertip ended up storming off. Fuck. Crazy fucking wolves.

Will have to ask Silvertip about curse-stuff later, after she calms down. I mean, Noki could make someone think they are cursed, without all that much work. Shadowy creepy red-eyed bird thing following you around and all your stuff randomly disappearing.  I don't much care for the idea of Riley being cursed, either via a gift or a spirit. 
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Lets see. Things have been fairly quite of late, on the whole. Javid showed up out of the on the Denton Farm Driveway one morning, so I filled him in on the latest bit of news. Nothing too exciting there. 

Eventually, I went stir crazy enough to walk over to Edgewood and brought over a small amount of venison as an excuse for the walk. Met Emma there, Nick, and Duke. Duke creeps me the hell out. Was a good walk. Passed info back and forth with Emma. Learned that the Spirals had skipped town and I could fly around  without risk of being shot while in the city now. But ugg, I ended up feeling trapped in there. Do not do well in places where I don't have easy access to a quick exit. 

So, knowing that I could go in to the city again, I checked in on S&L. Place seems to be doing alright. Seems that Brad bought me some new plates and put sparkles on the edge of at least one of them. Absolutely adorable. That man is sweet. He must have done it for Valentines day, but with everything going tits up on me, I missed it. I will have to do something special for him. 

Since I was back in the city, I did some patrolling and spotted a few familiar faces heading in to the Rat and Raven,. Nick and Naomi. Dropped in and said hello. Nick gave Naomi some sort of warding necklace. Damn. I want a proper look at the old one. No way in hell Mouse is sending those here, for her. But, no dice. Will have to try again later. We ended up going for a drive and passing information around. Learned that the Spiral Kin who'd been shooting my kids was named Eddy and that Naomi had served with him briefly. Go figure. 

And tonight? Any doubt I had about Emma and Nick being an item, flew right out the window. Seems that Nick told Emma what he is and now she is pissed. Joy! I tracked the Get on Fenris down, mostly to see if Nick should be hiding himself in a hole right now. Found out that the two of them had been an item for months and judging by Emma's level of upset and what she said, he got in to her pants before letting her in on his little secret. Well now, that was a royal Dick move if I ever saw on. Geeze Nick. Thought you had more class than that. Anyway. I talked to Emma a bit. Silvertip showed up and between the two of us, we got Emma a bit more calm. Once Silvertip left, I dragged Emma out for a few drinks and played 'Distract the Get'. Think I was fairly successful in making her feel a bit better.  After Emma left, I sent Nick an email. I was pretty retrained, even if the tone of the email I sent. was annoyed as hell. Told him should get ready to start apologizing, if he actually cares about Emma. It was tempting to open up on him with both barrels, but that wouldn't have done anyone any good. 

That done, I headed in to the city for a quick meeting with Slug. Now that I know Silvertip like chewing coco leaves, I figured I could get him some as a gift and Slug knows some dealers. I do too, but the whole Ex-Cop thing doesn't tend to make them like me much.  
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So, I moved out to Denton Farm with Brad. Been keeping my head down and staying out of sight.

Well, aside from that one midnight trip out into the city to find Worm, meeting Slug out by Sunrise Road, and that one trip out to Edgewood. Okay, okay, so I haven’t exactly been behaving. But I’ve been TRYING! Fuck. I hate being so out of touch with what is going on!

Summoning the Sun and a Visitor )

Nick gets mentioned and I get pissed off. )

Cit News, Summoning, and returning a Tail )

Warning Ila that a Storm may be brewing and getting invited to meet the Family... )

I missed a visit from Quin, while I was off talking with Ila. He’d brought by some roadkill venison. Yum! The next morning, Brad and I talked some on the topic of me heading well out of town came up again, this time to the Dakotas. Honestly, that idea is sounding better and better. Camping with Brad, the girls and leaving my troubles behind has a certain siren's lure to it. Spent most of the day helping Brad butcher that roadkilled deer Quin had brought over. I’d never butchered a whole deer before. It was quite the process, but it was good to learn something new, and too keep busy.
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Bad Dreams and Locating Worm. ) 

I need to adjust what is written on my board. )

Human Society can do without people who kill for money. Drop a rock on his head, I say. )

Later on, I finally got a chance to properly study Silvertip's tail. Huh. No time effect. Wyld Magic is still raging about the thing. Weird This bears investigating. 

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Flux Ream - Not an ideal vacation destination )

Nick and Mario Cart )

Chit-Chat and rabbits ).

And, I finally found a Kinfolk Manager for Snakes and Lattes, which will make my life a hell of a lot easier. Natalie of the Get of Fenris, who has a set of twins about Zoe's age. I should tell Emma about them.

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