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Making Contact with the Kinfolk that work at Terminus. )

Blue Boy. )

Taking a break and talking with Thomas )

Giving the Furies a update )

Taking a serious break and getting smashed. )

Finally got the PI license squared away and I have a gift for Nick's Birthday. He's going to be getting it a little late, but I don't think he'll mind. 
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Shopping at the Goodwill )

Going back to the boat... Fuck my life. :( )

Asking for help... and getting very little. )

I'm scared. I wish Nicodemus were here. I could talk to him and he wouldn't turn me out. I'm so alone out here. Cats, Foxes, and Wolves, But not another Raven for miles. I wish there was a roost around here. I feel so alone.

I'm going to call on Vulture's Gift... At least the dead will speak with me, I can do my duty and remember their lives. It's an important calling and it has always given me a measure of internal peace. Even if the memories I obtain are not always pleasant ones.