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Looks like Nick was right  )

Once I finally got back home, I stuffed myself stupid, fed the cat, Bartok (who promised not to kill the cat, thank Gaia), checked on the robin’s egg, and crashed for the night. So flipping tired.
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Jacinta is scary - and seems unable to think of me as a non-Garou )

Regrets )

Maybe its just time for me to move on? I really enjoyed my time in the Umbra. It is so much more of a home than the Realm some days... But no, not quite. I have things to accomplish first and kids that are still dependant on me. Time to smile and laugh loud enough to push aside everything else. Time to go hunting and pick off a few Buzzards.
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Apologizing to the Fox. )

Patching up Charley - And Seriously, Pigeons? )

All that aside Nick, Salem, and I are all set to go to Idaho as soon as the moon gets big enough. Riley and I need to heads down to Vancouver, Washington, for a few days. Lefty and Maddie have been pointed at Battleground, and finally, Samantha and Ky are gonna check out that shell company that was being used to receive medical supplies. 
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Running in to Naomi and offering to show her around Whispering Pines )

Talking with Nick about Naomi )

Checking in on the Walkers. )

Sue and talking about Alex - The cub, not the Fury. )

Hiring May )

Construction is coming along nicely on the Snakes and Lattes Cafe and some of the local Kin have started making use of the apartment on the upper floor. Cool.

Need to spend on time spying on those kids. See if that girl actually has a spray-can on her.