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Been 'playing' with the Ooze some, for lack of a better word. Trying to see if it is sensitive to anything, or has any strange reactions to stuff. 

Fire: Makes it more active.
Cold: Moves around a bit, but nothing too dramatic. 
Acid: Ate some of it. Wiggled. 
Base: Nothing.

So, that was a bit of a bust. Not that I was expecting much, but I was hoping for something. Next thing I did was play with some blood samples. Whee. Thank god for cameras. Was able to set these experiments up, set the camera rolling, then view the results in time-lapse later on.

First off, I played with my own blood. Since I'm having /issues/, since returning from Last Days. Seem to be suffering from an Ooze-related infection, which I've been assuming is similar in nature to what others have gone through. Put some blood in the same container as the Ooze. Ooze sat there for awhile, but it eventually wandered over to the blood and absorbed some of it. Nothing too dramatic. Did note that not all of it was 'consumed'.

Repeated the experiment with Slug's Blood next. Close to what happened with mine, although I noted that all the blood was consumed. Even if it took hours upon hours too happen. 

Pulled off one more blood experiment, this time with Ghost's blood. The Ooze ignored Ghost's blood completely. Interesting. Certainly ties her in with this stuff all the more. Puts me in mind of the mechanical heart that Ooze-hound had... 

The Ooze, unsurprisingly, will consume living beings and turn them into Ooze creatures in a violent manner. Very... Distressing. 

Ghost's blood is clearly toxic in some way, leading to lethargy and death in the subject. 

Feel utterly shitty now. Really shitty. Need to try directly adding Ghost's blood to the Ooze, my blood, and Slug's. I'm not expecting anything to happen, but cutting corners never did anyone any good. Still, I'll do it later. Feel too shitty to bother with it right now.
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