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 Well, after a couple of weeks without any change, it looks like I'm stuck going through puberty again. Which isn't going to be all that bad, all things considered. Girls hit all those benchmarks a bit faster than boys, so I've got about a year, too two years, before I finish growing and filling out again. I can deal with this. Honestly, being fourteenish again isn't the biggest pain in the ass, it's the social fallout associated with it. Had to call up my police contacts and tell them that I was moving out of town. Pain in the ASS. 

So, there is that, and the fact that anything more complicated than a toaster seems to hate me these days. I get within a foot of anything reasonably technologically advanced and it stops working for me. Starts working again, as soon as I get out of range. No cell phone, television, or ATM for me. Hell, even some of the fancier cars have stalled when I've gotten too close to them. Be really weird, if I happened to walk through the electronics section in a Wal-Mart. Been getting around the phone issue by transferring my phone number to a land-line. Complete retro-phone. Seems to work just fine for me and the phone company has a service that'd read me text messages sent to the number. It is /weird/ and hardly convenient, but it works. 

On the legal-side of things, I've been working with Natalia, Kin to the Get of Fenris. She has been a Raven-Sent blessing. I'm so glad that I hired her on as a Manager. Makes my life so much easier. After she got over the initial shock of what had happened to me, she was more than willing to help. Most of what I got her to do was pretty simple, if time consuming. Had her get on the computer and make it look like I'd moved back in with my parents, a common enough thing to do these days. As far as the Government and my bank is concerned, I now live in Port Angles, Washington.  Had her move money around in my accounts, so I have less in my personal count and most of it is sitting in my Snakes and Lattes Business account. Now, if I need to make a credit card purchase in St. Claire, I can use the Business card,  instead of the one in my name. All neat and tidy.

As I can't use an ATM to pull money out of my account, Natalia has been doing that for me on a weekly bases and I have been paying for everything in cash. It's far from a perfect solution, but it works.

It is slightly unnerving that Natalia now has access to all my personal information, bank accounts, SIN number, passwords, and PI resources... Oh well. Not much that I can do about it and have some sort of income. So glad that Snakes and Lattes is doing well enough these days, that I don't have to worry about manning the counter. I can delegate everything to Natalie - Which is why I gave her a decent raise!
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