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So, I was passing over Edgewood, when I noticed X and Emma talking. So, I stuck around and listened for a little bit. They were talking about Riley killing Finds-Death and Silvertip being kinda pissed off about this fast. Silvertip had cursed Riley, or something. Will have to ask the Uktena about that. Spoke up and told them I knew the story of Finds-Death and Riley, They were interested, so I filled them in. 

Basically, Finds-Death, who was a Red Talon, had been heading in to the city via the Umbra. Crossing over in to people's homes in Homid, then murdering them (and occasionally their pets) with whatever weapon happened to be handy. Kitchen knives, that sort of thing. Nick helped with figuring out what was going on (I left that part out) and I eventually asked a Cockroach Spirit, who told me it was a wolf with a red stripe doing the killing. Did some talking and asking around, which eventually lead to figuring out it was Finds-Death that was doing the killing. Went around and told people what was going on, because, well, she was killing people and the mundane cops were starting to notice.

As far as fallout was concerned, I knew that Silvertip had kicked Finds-Death out of her pack and that the Talon left the Sept. Riley went after her with Jack, but instead of letting one of the Philodox (AKA Jack, or someone else), Riley killed Finds-Death. Griffin took exception to this and months later, tossed Riley's ass in to WolfHome. Walker is damn lucky to have gotten out of that place. So many don't, according to the stories, Have seen hints of what WolfHome did to Riley - like that one time she got pissed off at Sue, so knocked over the Metis' motorcycle and pissed on it. That's a wolfish mindset if I've ever seen one. :)

Anyway. I gave them the basics of the story. About then, Silvertip showed up and Emma got snarly at the Uktena, for possibly laying a curse on Riley and uhh. Fuck. It degraded fast into a fucking Crinos pissing match. I got in to the air. Fast. Jesus. Neither of them were communicating well and the situation degraded fast. Thank Gaia it was a small moon. Emma wasn't backing down and Silvertip ended up storming off. Fuck. Crazy fucking wolves.

Will have to ask Silvertip about curse-stuff later, after she calms down. I mean, Noki could make someone think they are cursed, without all that much work. Shadowy creepy red-eyed bird thing following you around and all your stuff randomly disappearing.  I don't much care for the idea of Riley being cursed, either via a gift or a spirit. 

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