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So, Slug sat there and started repeated a phone number at my Ooze sample, Or writing it down on a paper in front of it. I mean, the stuff wiggled occasionally, but it always does that. And then, low and behold, the burner phone the number belonged too went off and Slug was having a conversation with someone connected to the Ooze! Fairly certain it is the same Mage-Guy that Nick talked too before. Regardless, as soon as the conversation was over, I used Mimic to repeat it into a recorder, before I could forget any of the details.

Convo Recorded with the Aid of Mimic )
Okay. Okay. I think I got all of that. Man, I'm tired and my head hurts. Gonna. Gonna go lay down. 

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Been 'playing' with the Ooze some, for lack of a better word. Trying to see if it is sensitive to anything, or has any strange reactions to stuff. 

Fire: Makes it more active.
Cold: Moves around a bit, but nothing too dramatic. 
Acid: Ate some of it. Wiggled. 
Base: Nothing.

So, that was a bit of a bust. Not that I was expecting much, but I was hoping for something. Next thing I did was play with some blood samples. Whee. Thank god for cameras. Was able to set these experiments up, set the camera rolling, then view the results in time-lapse later on.

First off, I played with my own blood. Since I'm having /issues/, since returning from Last Days. Seem to be suffering from an Ooze-related infection, which I've been assuming is similar in nature to what others have gone through. Put some blood in the same container as the Ooze. Ooze sat there for awhile, but it eventually wandered over to the blood and absorbed some of it. Nothing too dramatic. Did note that not all of it was 'consumed'.

Repeated the experiment with Slug's Blood next. Close to what happened with mine, although I noted that all the blood was consumed. Even if it took hours upon hours too happen. 

Pulled off one more blood experiment, this time with Ghost's blood. The Ooze ignored Ghost's blood completely. Interesting. Certainly ties her in with this stuff all the more. Puts me in mind of the mechanical heart that Ooze-hound had... 

The Ooze, unsurprisingly, will consume living beings and turn them into Ooze creatures in a violent manner. Very... Distressing. 

Ghost's blood is clearly toxic in some way, leading to lethargy and death in the subject. 

Feel utterly shitty now. Really shitty. Need to try directly adding Ghost's blood to the Ooze, my blood, and Slug's. I'm not expecting anything to happen, but cutting corners never did anyone any good. Still, I'll do it later. Feel too shitty to bother with it right now.
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 Fuck. That was exhausting and I feel so fucking shitty. Been weeks now, since I scouted Last Days. Feeling so shitty. It's kinda like the time I ended up with a Nephandi ritual in my head. Only not quite so bad. I feel like utter crap, but I don't seem to be on the verge of loosing my marbles, the way I was last time. Not hearing voices. That's something. Still, it has being doing shit-all for my ability to focus. Anyway, finally managed to put together a report on that trip I took to last days and edit the video, so it wasn't hours upon hours long.

Scouting of Last Days
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It's been roughly a year since I was tumbledried by a flipping giant Wyld Spirit - which was completely my own fault. Since then, things have hardly been uneventful, what with the Dancers setting up shop in the GENOM tower and turning it into the Queens Tower. No sign of Nightmare having ventured into the city. No sickly looking ravens about, tainted roadkill, or the Bastard Buzzard trying to put a bullet through my skull. Doesn't mean that the asshole isn't out there, but he's keeping a low profile if he is. But yea, the shit going on in the Queens Tower is pretty fucked up and I can't get into it to snoop around. Tried a Moon Bridge at one point and ended up bouncing off a barrier and right off the Bridge. Flipping lucking that I made it back in one piece. Took a closer peek later on and yea, there is something protecting certain floors of that building and it has the feel of Mage-Magic too it. One advantage of having poked at Mages for so long, I can identify some of the 'flavours' of Magic that the mess with. One of the Walkers, Briari has arranged for a tour of the place and managed to get her hands on the original blue-prints for the building.  But yea, I compiled a bunch of notes ( ) on the place and posted them on my board. Hopefully, folks will have more luck than I have on the issue. 

As for the Black Ooze, the other issue, and not entirely separate from the Queens Tower... Yea. That is royally fucked up. Have a shitload of notes ( ) on it as well, all up for public consumption. Really hope that someone comes up with new ideas, because my cleverness well has been running dry. The way the stuff has erased the history of Hillard Memorial Hospital is just completely fucked up. And there is all that Ooze in the basement. I did manage to snag a sample, which is interesting - that stuff'll eat fucking everything. But yea, mostly interesting because I was able to make off with some. Not certain if that's due to the protection of having learned to shield my mind from invasion, or the use of Bridge Walker. One way or another, the last person who gave it a go wasn't able to take out an ooze sample. Having made that test run, I am slowly psyching myself up to scouting Last Days. If I can keep that Ooze outta my head and I can escape right quick with a Moon Bridge if the shit really hits the fan, I should be okay.

In non-work related stuff, I've been back and forth too my parent's place a lot and they came down to visit a couple of times. It has been nice to have more family time /and/ give my folks a bit of a break from Beth. She's family and our responsibility, but caring for her can be rather draining at times. On one visit up there, I took a quick hop across the boarder and pawned a gift that Jamethon had given me. It was a nice gesture on his part and the rock is very pretty, but a quartz crystal with a sizable vein of gold in it, is not something that I really wanna keep in my apartment. The brothers, being Kin and Kind, were happy enough to take it off my hands and sell it in their shop - although I suspect they under payed me for it by a bit. So be it. 

Haven't seen Riley around in an age and I suspect that Family business has drawn her off elsewhere. Nick has been AWOL as well of late, presumably doing Mage-Foo, but I did get a Text from him saying he's be back soon. Emma's likely thrilled. Been chatting with Slug a fair bit. Boy has a good head on his shoulders and I have picked his mind now and again, when some of the school work I've picked up on the side has me stumped. Philosophy, Physics, and history. Never too late to expand ones mind and long distance courses are the bomb. :) Slug has also proven to be a good guy just to yak at and shoot the shit with, if I wanna put aside all the 'we're all gonna die!' crap that we've been dealing with of late. Speaking of Gnawers, though, I think Justin has given up on me. Tried with the gentle hints that I wasn't interested in going out with him and ended up just having to flat up say no. He seemed a bit sulky afterwards, but I'm certain that he'll get over it. He may be my age physically, but he just doesn't strike me as being all that mature and, yea, no real interest in him. 

And speaking of my age, I'm filling out. I'm young woman now, instead of a girl on the verge of being one. I still have some filling out to do and some height to gain, but I am getting there. And, at the rate things are going, I may break five foot this time around! Woo-Hoo.

All that aside, spring is in the air. A time of re-birth and renewal. Been feeling a bit fidgity of late. As I told Slug at one point; I lost chains I didn't even know I had, when I lost twenty years... I'm starting to feel stagnant, I suppose. Maybe it is time for a bit of a change. 

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