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Looks like Nick was right  )

Once I finally got back home, I stuffed myself stupid, fed the cat, Bartok (who promised not to kill the cat, thank Gaia), checked on the robin’s egg, and crashed for the night. So flipping tired.
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So, a little while back, Thomas had that dust up with those Spirals in the warehouse that ended up in the news. Apparently he grabbed a Spiral Kin named Eddy, which attracted some nasties. I have some info from Thomas, on what he ran in too. There were three Spirals: One was wearing a skinned human and had a nasty Fetish. Thomas suspects that this one was a Theurge. Second Spiral was a massive Metis with horns. The third one was likely a Metis, as the fur was all messed up. (+bbread 11/223). After encountering some suits in Harbor Park (Naomi and Jeremiah were there as well), I decided to do some digging and I came up with some things...

Phone Calls and paying off my Police Contacts. )

Gift Learning and staying up waaaaaay to late )

Running in to Emma and speculation )

Filling in Nick and getting that Mage Knife back )

After dropping the Knife off at my apartment, I went to a pre-arranged meeting with Slug, where I gave him my notes on the Spooks. I owe him for the info he passed me a few weeks ago, so this should even the score. He asked to pick my brain and some point and if I was alright. Guess being drop-dead exhausted was showing on my face. Finally got to go to bed and get some sleep. Yay! Sleep...zzzzZZzzzz.
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Got invited out to Seattle to help gather info. )

Talking with dead Ravens is depressing... )

Sending the Dead back to Helios and Raven.  )

Infodumping and I'm usually a bit better at healing folks.  )

Started making phone calls when I got home. All Buzzards are potential Egg Thieves. Time to get some Corax together and take out the Buzzards in Spokane.  
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Finding out what I can about Beth. )

God, Jacinta looks a lot scarier than she did year ago. It's all the burns. )

Following up on the Sniper )

Talked with Naomi a bit today. She was info-digging, or I'm a two headed chicken. Wanted to know if it was normal for me to help with police investigations. Tried hinting that I did occasionally, in an unofficial capacity. Other than that, she boggled at how much I can eat... Then made the assumption that I was pregnant with Nick's kid. I think my brain broke.

And, OH! Brad got me glittery towels, for when I visit his place. What with all the rain we get, I usually show up all damp from flying in the rain. Glitter!
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Hazmat was kind enough to do some character pictures for me. One is Val, while the second one is Jihg's Gnawer character Olga.
More of Hazmat's art can be seen on her web page.

Val's Picture! )

Olga's Picture! )


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