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Talking with Ky and Slug )

Talking to Slug about Silvertip )

On the way back home, I stopped at Nick’s cabin(he wasn't back yet) and left him a note, letting him know I’d located something of Eddy’s and to let me know if I could be of any help. Damn. My plate just seems to be getting more and more full. Damn. And I’m still waiting for that robin’s egg to hatch.

In the morning, I retrieved up the dart from Noki's care and asked him to let Ila know that Nick was alright and he'd back in St. Claire soon (Man, I love that Fetish in the Harbor Park Umbra). I called up Quin and met him at his lab. Handed over the dart from Slug and asked him to poke at it for me. Brought over some pizza and pop, just to make certain the silly Kinsman remembered to eat. We talked for a bit and while I was there, Brad showed up. I wish I could have stayed longer, but there were things I had to attend too. :(
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After seeing Captain America with Emma, which was good, but I’d hardly call it Zoe appropriate. I really hope that Emma isn’t planning to let the kid watch that movie. It seems a bit beyond her age range. Anyway, after getting back home from the movie, I found out that Slug had left me a package. By Bicycle courier of all things. It was a map of Wolfwoods with a series of trails, roads, etc, all mapped out and color-coded, basically outlining which trails and roads are more or less likely to be used by infiltrators.

What the hell?

Today, I got another call from Slug, letting me know that he was leaving me a drop-off on a rooftop in the middle of nowhere. Okay? I went and picked up the package, which was marked with a crudely drawn slug and some shinies. Anyway,  inside was a tranq dart type thing, wrapped in what looked like a faraday cage made out of whatever Slug could lay his hands on. Note inside said that the tranq might be tracked and made a point of telling me that it was ‘not from Slug.’ As in, no letting folks know where it came from. Okay? Why? Weird.

I dedicated the thing to myself and and fuck, it was far more Weavery than it should have been, without actually being Tainted.  Dedicating it sucked up more Gnosis than I’d planned on using during the Ritual. Fuck me. I’ve been trying to conserve Gnosis, damn it.

Once I had the thing Dedicated, I carried it over into the Umbra and left it in Nokivaris’ care. I’ll have to call up Quin, so he can look at it and determine exactly what is in the dart.
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Some light reading and random thoughts )

Getting some info out of Naomi, finding out that she is skipping town, and no new Mage-Toy for me. )

Talking with Ila about books, Nick, her family, and Omens of things to come. )

Talking with Noki and having a message delivered )

Right now? Right now, I am watching Faster-Than-The-Cat and Bartok tease the ever living hell out of LOLcat. Been months since Faster came to visit and I can only assume that Bartok fetched her, for the sole purpose of tormenting Nick's cat. Ah hell. I'd better save the fuzzball before it has a nervous breakdown. Cat'll be safe enough in the bathroom, then I can take a break and get some reading done.

I hope that Nick is managing okay.
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So, a little while back, Thomas had that dust up with those Spirals in the warehouse that ended up in the news. Apparently he grabbed a Spiral Kin named Eddy, which attracted some nasties. I have some info from Thomas, on what he ran in too. There were three Spirals: One was wearing a skinned human and had a nasty Fetish. Thomas suspects that this one was a Theurge. Second Spiral was a massive Metis with horns. The third one was likely a Metis, as the fur was all messed up. (+bbread 11/223). After encountering some suits in Harbor Park (Naomi and Jeremiah were there as well), I decided to do some digging and I came up with some things...

Phone Calls and paying off my Police Contacts. )

Gift Learning and staying up waaaaaay to late )

Running in to Emma and speculation )

Filling in Nick and getting that Mage Knife back )

After dropping the Knife off at my apartment, I went to a pre-arranged meeting with Slug, where I gave him my notes on the Spooks. I owe him for the info he passed me a few weeks ago, so this should even the score. He asked to pick my brain and some point and if I was alright. Guess being drop-dead exhausted was showing on my face. Finally got to go to bed and get some sleep. Yay! Sleep...zzzzZZzzzz.
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Eyeballing the Humans that the Buzzards were all chummy with. )Eyeballing the Humans that the Buzzards were all chummy with. ) 

Trying to report in and shotgun to the FACE! )

Following the Fomori and calling in the troops. )

Paranoia Rising... ) 

Fomori Go Splat )

I managed to get to Mom and Dad's place okay.  Mom fixed me right up, while giving me an earful for letting the infestation get so bad in the first place. Eased off when I explained why, though. After a few days, I'd healed the worst of the damage and was feeling like myself again. No more worms and proper food. Woo-Hoo! Mom also promised to pass on word about that house I'd come across. Make certain that folks knew about it and checked it out, just encase it is still in use. When I was mostly healed up, I headed back to St. Claire.