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Dead Mage's Gun, Mark #1. )

Dead Mage's Gun, Mark #2. )

Belated X-Mas Gifts )

New Years! Hello 2014. Spent New Years with Brad, same as last year. :D. 
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I know what Naomi is! )

Riley failed to chew my face off! )

Talking with Doodle and making frowny faces on the inside.  )

Sent Nick some Text messages to update him on recent events. Asked if he was back and if we could meet up and talk. Said he was meeting Mouse about something else. Wouldn't tell me what the 'something else' was.  Complicated he says. I get to be the Cat Delivery Bird. Bleagh. :(

Must resist the urge to introduce the cat to the 'Kids.'
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Finding out what I can about Beth. )

God, Jacinta looks a lot scarier than she did year ago. It's all the burns. )

Following up on the Sniper )

Talked with Naomi a bit today. She was info-digging, or I'm a two headed chicken. Wanted to know if it was normal for me to help with police investigations. Tried hinting that I did occasionally, in an unofficial capacity. Other than that, she boggled at how much I can eat... Then made the assumption that I was pregnant with Nick's kid. I think my brain broke.

And, OH! Brad got me glittery towels, for when I visit his place. What with all the rain we get, I usually show up all damp from flying in the rain. Glitter!
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Shopping at the Goodwill )

Going back to the boat... Fuck my life. :( )

Asking for help... and getting very little. )

I'm scared. I wish Nicodemus were here. I could talk to him and he wouldn't turn me out. I'm so alone out here. Cats, Foxes, and Wolves, But not another Raven for miles. I wish there was a roost around here. I feel so alone.

I'm going to call on Vulture's Gift... At least the dead will speak with me, I can do my duty and remember their lives. It's an important calling and it has always given me a measure of internal peace. Even if the memories I obtain are not always pleasant ones.
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I've given an info package to Kaz and Lefty. Mouse was there, but looked distracted by something. Kaz gave me a few names of people I should give the info too, but I don't really know those Garou well; Camille, Ishmael, Tim, Kevin, and Nik. I kinda asked if she could do it, because I was planning to catch a bus. She said she would. Thank Gaia.

Okay. On the bus and heading north. Mom and dad, here I come! 

Grabbed the Paper to read on the bus - Oh bloody hell! )


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