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Apologizing to the Fox. )

Patching up Charley - And Seriously, Pigeons? )

All that aside Nick, Salem, and I are all set to go to Idaho as soon as the moon gets big enough. Riley and I need to heads down to Vancouver, Washington, for a few days. Lefty and Maddie have been pointed at Battleground, and finally, Samantha and Ky are gonna check out that shell company that was being used to receive medical supplies. 
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I've given an info package to Kaz and Lefty. Mouse was there, but looked distracted by something. Kaz gave me a few names of people I should give the info too, but I don't really know those Garou well; Camille, Ishmael, Tim, Kevin, and Nik. I kinda asked if she could do it, because I was planning to catch a bus. She said she would. Thank Gaia.

Okay. On the bus and heading north. Mom and dad, here I come! 

Grabbed the Paper to read on the bus - Oh bloody hell! )