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After seeing Captain America with Emma, which was good, but I’d hardly call it Zoe appropriate. I really hope that Emma isn’t planning to let the kid watch that movie. It seems a bit beyond her age range. Anyway, after getting back home from the movie, I found out that Slug had left me a package. By Bicycle courier of all things. It was a map of Wolfwoods with a series of trails, roads, etc, all mapped out and color-coded, basically outlining which trails and roads are more or less likely to be used by infiltrators.

What the hell?

Today, I got another call from Slug, letting me know that he was leaving me a drop-off on a rooftop in the middle of nowhere. Okay? I went and picked up the package, which was marked with a crudely drawn slug and some shinies. Anyway,  inside was a tranq dart type thing, wrapped in what looked like a faraday cage made out of whatever Slug could lay his hands on. Note inside said that the tranq might be tracked and made a point of telling me that it was ‘not from Slug.’ As in, no letting folks know where it came from. Okay? Why? Weird.

I dedicated the thing to myself and and fuck, it was far more Weavery than it should have been, without actually being Tainted.  Dedicating it sucked up more Gnosis than I’d planned on using during the Ritual. Fuck me. I’ve been trying to conserve Gnosis, damn it.

Once I had the thing Dedicated, I carried it over into the Umbra and left it in Nokivaris’ care. I’ll have to call up Quin, so he can look at it and determine exactly what is in the dart.

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